Weddings Fireworks

Custom-Made shows are produced to impress your guests, according to customer's budget with special attention to safety and security measures.

Events Fireworks!

"Nazih Tabbara Fireworks" add charms and excitement to all your special events. Whether it's a public event, Private Party or a Product launch.

Certificates and Awards

120 Years of artistic Fireworks

About Us


TABBARA FIREWORKS began more than 120 years ago when Darwishe Tabbara fulfilled his ambition.

“Artist & Expert in Fireworks” he was the first person to introduce this unique art to the Arab world by establishing in 1890 the first factory of its kind in Lebanon, the Arab Countries and the Middle East to produce and export all sorts of fireworks.

From the time of grand father in 1890 to the time of his son Kamal and his grandson Nazih new methods, skills and technical know-how have been developed to get safer exciting products and spectacular breathtaking shows.

Need To Know!

If u are asking ur self ,''Do I need to get a permit for a Fireworks Display ?
Yes, a permit is required for any fireworks display, large or small. NAZIH TABBARA FIREWORKS Co has all the licenses, insurance and experience required to obtain permits for fireworks displays. We take care of this process for many of our customers...


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